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Homeowner's & Rental Insurance

The desire to protect our homes, the place where we lay our heads and raise our children, is universal. SIA Insurance Services helps keep your castle safe and sound with comprehensive coverage that guards against theft, fire and storm damage.  We also insure other properties, including apartments, condos, mobile homes and property owned by your business. You can also get flood protection should you live on the ground floor.

Make sure you are protected against financial ruin should a major natural disaster strike and you need to rebuild your home. Let SIA Insurance Services assess your personal situation and risks and get you an affordable policy that will cover you in times of need. 

Automobile Insurance

Vehicle damage is a fact of life. Trees fall on them, rocks crack their windshields and even the most careful driver is involved in traffic accidents from time to time.  SIA Insurance Services not only insures damage to your vehicle and passengers, but the damage you may do to other vehicles, property, or individual(s).  In the case of a break-in, your insurance policy will cover your losses and repair costs.

We can also assist with RV's, Watercrafts, Mobile Homes, Trailers and Motorcycles.

Life Insurance

We have the experience and resources to design a plan that will protect your family should the need arise. Ask us about our long term care and disability insurance. Protect what you value most, your health and your family.

Commercial Business Insurance

If you own a business, you’ve got enough on your mind without worrying about what will happen if an employee is injured on the job or your roof is damaged in a storm.   SIA Insurance Services helps you minimize your risk with a comprehensive array of products designed just for business:  general liability, workers compensation, group health insurance – even special coverage for home businesses. 

Get overall coverage- Not only can you cover both yourself and your employees, but you can get coverage for your building and car fleets, too. We also offer snowplowing and car dealership policies. 

Workman's Compensation

SIA Insurance Services can guide you through your Workman's Compensation claim - we're here to help!